The Old City is full of art galleries, antique shops, auction houses, enchanting book stores, quaint bars and historic cafes

Casa Sarandi is one block from the Colonial Square and the main pedestrian street.

You can see the palm trees of the Plaza Independencia from our balcony. 


A city made for black & White

Feast on art-deco, belle epoque and modernist. 

Plan to keep lots of time for just walking around, marvelling at the architecture and getting amazing pics. And for a siesta or two. 

great food

MVD's best restaurants

Food in Uruguay is starting to take off. The Old City collects most of the capital's best eateries. Lunch-time gems like Sin Pretensiones for gourmet comfort food. The Port Market, dubbed Disneyland for carnivores by The Guardian. Uruguay's best fish resto, Es Mercat and NYT-recommended Jacinto. 

We'll be giving you a list of the best places.

Montevideo is really South America’s best kept secret - probably in part because it’s tough to find out what’s going on, even if you read Spanish. That’s where we come in. If you love music and culture -and to experience the Old City at its most bustling-, you should really plan to stay at least three nights, ideally Thursday to Saturday inclusive.
— Karen

MUSIC & Wine 


As a musician herself, Karen loves to recommend music - which is AMAZING in Montevideo. Your regular haunt will be a tiny wine-bar where world-class musicians play just feet away from you.

Uruguay is winning awards internationally for wine. A French guest stayed with us for a week and visited SEVENTEEN vineyards! 



Uruguayans call the River Plate here the sea and it really does look like it. 

We are 2 blocks from the rambla (you can actually see it from the Mascara Room's balcony). 

Plan to walk a different section each day or hire bikes. The closest beach is Playa Ramirez, a 20-minute bike ride or 5 minutes by taxi.

day trips

Many of our guests use Montevideo as a base to see a good portion of Uruguay. 

  • Award-winning vineyards (¼ hr)

  • the relaxing beach-town of Atlantida (1 hr)

  • nostalgia-steeped seaside town Piriapolis and glitzy Punta del Este (1.5-2 hrs)

  • UNESCO heritage site Colonia del Sacramento (2¼ hrs)

The old city is a great location

It's easy to get to any part of the city from the Old City. We find most guests walk everywhere and then catch a bus back home. You can walk to Montevideo's oldest park and the beach at Parque Rodó in 45 minutes along the rambla. By taxi we are 10 minutes to Pocitos, Punta Carretas and the Tres Cruces bus station. We are 30-40 minutes to the airport. 



At the Casa, we don't serve breakfast because we believe it is important to support other local businesses and you'll love exploring these historic cafes.

  • Our favourite is the Café Brasilero, founded in 1877. 3 blocks away from Casa Sarandi on Ituzaingó between Rincón and 25 de mayo

  • Café Misiones with its green antique-tiled frontage is on the corner of Misiones and 25 de Mayo. 5 blocks away

  • Café Bacacay on Buenos Aires street opposite the Solis Theatre is a Montevidean classic. It'll be your local. 2 blocks away

  • The 100-year old Clube Brasileiro, 18 de julio 994 next door to the Gaucho Museum, has stained glass windows, mosaic floors and smoothies! 7 blocks